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Chef J'Avia Scents 2 Fl oz room sprays can be used in any room or car that you want to smell amazing. Our room sprays are made with a natural base and high quality fragrance or essential oils that are safe to mist not only in a room but on your pillow or sheets for a more relaxing night of sleep.

Customer Reviews

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Edward Crespo

Awesome fragrance and professional service. Love everything. The items I purchased was Coco Mango and Germ Away. I love both scents.

Jamie Arcelay
I love the Forever Red Air Mist!

It has a fruity yet floral scent that isn’t overwhelming. I spray it anywhere in my house that needs some extra love. I definitely recommend this scent!

Rudolph Cherry

I think you guys have a different formula then anybody else when it comes to fragrances, the room spray is also long lasting, and the autumn scent smells really good!!

Sherry Jordan
Black girl magic!!!!

It smell lovely. I love those cocount and mahogany blends. I don't know if that is what the blend is but it is my favorite. I thought it was oily but it is not. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Tomasyna Little
Smells amazing

I purchased the Fruit Loop spray because I love sweet scents & omg it smells soo good. I have been using it everyday. Lol

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