Congrats Chef J'Avia on being featured on Wxii News!!!



Congratulations Chef J'Avia on winning Youth Of The Year by The WS Chronicle !!!

Chef J'Avia Featured in the WS Chronicle!! Click the link to read more about her

What's up! My name is Chef J'Avia. I am a 10 year old kid entrepreneur. I was inspired to make candles because my parents and sister own their own businesses, so quite naturally I wanted to start my own business. I decided I wanted to make candles because I love making magical potions. I received the name Chef J'Avia because I cook food really good too. Making candles has been very fun and quite an adventurous learning experience.I have received rave reviews about my candles and wax melts( I can't wait to hear from you). I am proud to say that my candles are uniquely scented and are all homemade with all natural soy wax (no toxins here), safe,  and sensitive for people with allergies. I know you will ENJOY my unique scents! XOXO, Chef J'Avia 



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