Congrats Chef J'Avia on being featured on Wxii News!!!

What's up! My name is Chef J'Avia. I am a 9 year old kid entrepreneur. I was inspired to make candles because my parents and sister own their own businesses, so quite naturally I wanted to start my own business. I decided I wanted to make candles because I love making magical potions. I received the name Chef J'Avia because I cook food really good too. Making candles has been very fun and quite an adventurous learning experience.I have received rave reviews about my candles and wax melts( I can't wait to hear from you). I am proud to say that my candles are uniquely scented and are all homemade with all natural soy wax (no toxins here), safe,  and sensitive for people with allergies. I know you will ENJOY my unique scents! XOXO, Chef J'Avia