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🦠 Germ Away-
A lot safer than the toxins released in the BIG name brands and it offers many health benefits as well.
Thieves Oil Disinfect Spray ( Germ Away) benefits:
boosting the immune system
having antimicrobial activity
fighting nasal and sinus congestion
promoting respiratory and cardiovascular health
energizing or uplifting mood
& It smells soooo good!!!

Fresh rich aroma that cleans an enviroment

Q:The CDC says that witch hazel, the main ingredient in this spray, does not kill viruses.

A: that’s correct!! Witch hazel DOES NOT KILL VIRUSES 🦠. Since we know oil and water does not mix. Witch Hazel only acts as a soluble which allows the essential oils and water to mix. Witch hazel also helps the smell of the essential oils linger. The ESSENTIAL OILS IS WHAT KILLS VIRUSES not the witch hazel.

Q: Where can I use this spray? 

A: Keep 1-2 around your house. Perfect for on the go. You can spray it on steering wheels, grocery carts, counters, bottom of shoes (after you have taken them off) door handles, toilet handles, remote controls and more. 

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