What is Candle Curing And Why Is It Important?

If you’ve shopped online with us, you may have noticed that our products now come with a curing card. We have received a few comments and questions about the strength of our scents and we’d love to explain the importance of curing and how it will strengthen your experience with our products.

By: Jason S.

Unlike most candle factories that mass produce, our candles are individually hand made and made to order. Which means they need a bit more attention compared to other manufactured candles.

Curing is the time that it takes for a candle wax and fragrance to bind together. Soy candles can require a curing time of 3 days to 2 weeks.

You will notice that the scent of your candle will get stronger over time. If you happen to receive your candle and you are having a hard time smelling it, allow a few days for your candle to bind and give it another light.

Helpful Tip!

Tip: The environment matters! One-Wick candles are better for smaller rooms for a better burn. While 2-Wicks are better for larger spaces.

We hope this helps with your CJS candle experiences. And from everyone at CJS, thank you for your continuous love and support! Cure, baby, cure!

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